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03 Nov '17

Ireland - King of the Bandos!

Posted by Daniel Worger

RotorX Atom V3 invades another one of Worgzy's romantic getaways with his better half. Surprised she puts up with it!

Honestly can't believe how many amazing abandoned castles and mansions Ireland has to offer. Not to mention the gorgeous mountains and infamous Cliffs of Moher.

Worgzy only had the opportunity for a quick battery at each location, and some days the weather didn't cooperate. But I'm sure you will agree it would have been sacrilegious NOT to fly these EPIC locations!


- RotorX Atom V3

- 4" frame

- RX1407-2800kv motors

- 2in1 Powercube

- 5S and 4S 850mah batteries (RotorX and Turnigy Graphene)

- TBS Crossfire and Tango

21 Aug '17

Diving the most EPIC natural rock spire you have ever seen!

Posted by Daniel Worger

In a land full of epic mountains, cliffs and natural rock spires. A land that inspired Pandora in the movie 'Avatar'.
I notice this Spire, this epic-ly monstrous piece of rock. I must dive this, I must dive it no matter the cost.
On a holiday with my girlfriend to Zhangjiajie Nation Forest in China, I notice this monolithic Natural phenomena. Luckily I have my Atom V3 with a RotorX HD Camera strapped on board.
Please don't mind the shitty flying. I had one shot at this, once people know I'm flying then the gig is up. I even had to sneak off into the forest so the Chinese police couldn't find me...
Nearly got lost returning from the Spire as you will notice me doubling back and forth on the creek. I was absolutely shitting my pants at this point think I would failsafe into the creek if I headed too far in the wrong direction.
I cannot tell you the adrenaline rush I had diving this guy. I can't imagine there are too many more natural wonders that would be more epic to dive. Show me a dive video of a more epic natural structure being dived, and I will eat my words.

Drone being flow:

Atom V3 - 5" frame version
- TBS powercube
- RCInPower Motors 2205
RotorX HD Camera - 1080P 60fps

15 Jul '17

How to turn your 3" Micro Drone into a 5S powered Rocket Ship

Posted by Daniel Worger

How to turn your 3" Micro Drone into a 5S powered Rocket Ship

Today there are literally hundreds of micro drone options available. From a brushed Tiny Whoop to the 3" brushless Atom.

When deciding on the micro for you, you need to decide what you want to do with it.

Do you want low powered, less plaster chipping fun around the house, or do you want something small, but will still destroy your friends 5" Racing Drone on the Race Track?

Do you already have a 3" micro frame you simply want to make "F###ing Fast"?!

Today I want to announce the parts you need to be making your micro a 5S powered micro rocket ship.


- RX3044T Industry leading 3" Triblade Propellers

Get them from your local retailer

- RX1407-2800kv 5S capable motors

Get them from your local retailer

- 460, 600 or 850mah 5S RotorX and Bonka Powered LiPo Batteries

Get them from your local retailer


Now all you need is your 3" frame and 5S capable electronics. Depending on your electronics and frame, the build will vary. If you want to follow our tried and tested 5S design, you can grab an Atom Frame and follow our Atom build guide.

Atom 3" Frame KitAtom V3 4" Frame Kit

Get an Atom Frame from a retailer near you

With the 5S capable Atom V3, we use the TBS Powercube with 2in1 ESC.

Though you can use any 20x20mm or 36x36mm electronic stack that can handle 5S.


Or if you want to simply get the best of everything available to make you the most powerful 3" micro available on the market today, simply grab a RotorX Atom V3 DIY kit.

It comes with everything you need to build a 3", 5S powerhouse, just add the 5S batteries.

Your flying buddies wont know what hit them when you punch and weave this guy around your favourite flying spot!

Get Atom V3 DIY Kits from a Retailer near you

Now you know what you need to build the ultimate 3" Pocket Sized Rocket Ship, click over to one of our retailers and get everything you need to start building!

Be sure to post your builds in our #RotorXAppeal BUILD COMPETITION and we will may even send you some more freebies for you troubles...

12 Jul '17

#RotorXAppeal Build Competition

Posted by Daniel Worger

#RotorXAppeal Build Competition

Idea is to show off your RotorX Atom V1-V3 and any sexy micro builds that are powered by RotorX props or motors.

Take part in the #RotorXAppeal Build Competition

We want to show the world that you can make whatever you like, but if you power it with RotorX it will fly even better than it looks!
Simply post your build picture/video on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag: #RotorXAppeal
If your build is sexy enough, post it to other drone groups and if others like what they see, it may help persuade our judgement. haha
Winner will be determined via Facebook vote at the end of July 2017

Prizes will randomly include some or maybe all of the following:

- RX3044T propeller packs
- RX1407-2800kv motors
- RotorX 460mah and 850mah 5S batteries
RotorX HD Camera
-RotorX Tshirts
-RotorX Caps
-RotorX Battery Chargers
-and whatever else we think you deserve....
26 Apr '17

Flying in the Avatar Mountains

Flying in the Avatar Mountains

Recently went on a holiday with my Girlfriend to the Avatar Mountains in China (Zhangjiajie National Park). This part of China is what inspired James Cameron to create the "Floating Mountains of Pandora"" in his Avatar movie.

Avatar Mountains in China

It was a bit of a covert operation and I only ever had 1 battery at each location, but how could I refuse to fly this amazing terrain! I may not be a Pro pilot, but you really can't deny this is one of the most beautiful places to fly in the world!

Banshee Diving in The Floating Mountains of Pandora



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