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21 Aug '17

Diving the most EPIC natural rock spire you have ever seen!

Posted by Daniel Worger

In a land full of epic mountains, cliffs and natural rock spires. A land that inspired Pandora in the movie 'Avatar'.
I notice this Spire, this epic-ly monstrous piece of rock. I must dive this, I must dive it no matter the cost.
On a holiday with my girlfriend to Zhangjiajie Nation Forest in China, I notice this monolithic Natural phenomena. Luckily I have my Atom V3 with a RotorX HD Camera strapped on board.
Please don't mind the shitty flying. I had one shot at this, once people know I'm flying then the gig is up. I even had to sneak off into the forest so the Chinese police couldn't find me...
Nearly got lost returning from the Spire as you will notice me doubling back and forth on the creek. I was absolutely shitting my pants at this point think I would failsafe into the creek if I headed too far in the wrong direction.
I cannot tell you the adrenaline rush I had diving this guy. I can't imagine there are too many more natural wonders that would be more epic to dive. Show me a dive video of a more epic natural structure being dived, and I will eat my words.

Drone being flow:

Atom V3 - 5" frame version
- TBS powercube
- RCInPower Motors 2205
RotorX HD Camera - 1080P 60fps

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