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15 Jul '17

How to turn your 3" Micro Drone into a 5S powered Rocket Ship

Posted by Daniel Worger

Today there are literally hundreds of micro drone options available. From a brushed Tiny Whoop to the 3" brushless Atom.

When deciding on the micro for you, you need to decide what you want to do with it.

Do you want low powered, less plaster chipping fun around the house, or do you want something small, but will still destroy your friends 5" Racing Drone on the Race Track?

Do you already have a 3" micro frame you simply want to make "F###ing Fast"?!

Today I want to announce the parts you need to be making your micro a 5S powered micro rocket ship.


- RX3044T Industry leading 3" Triblade Propellers

Get them from your local retailer

- RX1407-2800kv 5S capable motors

Get them from your local retailer

- 460, 600 or 850mah 5S RotorX and Bonka Powered LiPo Batteries

Get them from your local retailer


Now all you need is your 3" frame and 5S capable electronics. Depending on your electronics and frame, the build will vary. If you want to follow our tried and tested 5S design, you can grab an Atom Frame and follow our Atom build guide.

Atom 3" Frame KitAtom V3 4" Frame Kit

Get an Atom Frame from a retailer near you

With the 5S capable Atom V3, we use the TBS Powercube with 2in1 ESC.

Though you can use any 20x20mm or 36x36mm electronic stack that can handle 5S.


Or if you want to simply get the best of everything available to make you the most powerful 3" micro available on the market today, simply grab a RotorX Atom V3 DIY kit.

It comes with everything you need to build a 3", 5S powerhouse, just add the 5S batteries.

Your flying buddies wont know what hit them when you punch and weave this guy around your favourite flying spot!

Get Atom V3 DIY Kits from a Retailer near you

Now you know what you need to build the ultimate 3" Pocket Sized Rocket Ship, click over to one of our retailers and get everything you need to start building!

Be sure to post your builds in our #RotorXAppeal BUILD COMPETITION and we will may even send you some more freebies for you troubles...

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