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RotorX SwitchBack - RXSB - PreOrder Available

RotorX SwitchBack - RXSB - PreOrder Available


Ultra efficient for long range micro epicness. Raised rear motors means propellers are always flying in clean air. Designed to fit Runcam Micro natively, to make it one of the lightest HD recording drones available! 

Now you don't have to lie about your FPV footage coming from a sub 250g racing drone. This little guy can carry a GoPro Session with the right set up and still be under 250g!

- Sub 100g builds possible

- 139mm motor to motor and only 22g frame weight

- 4mm carbon for serious rigidity and crash resistance

- Mirrored arms easily replaceable should you get it run over by a truck

- 2'5-3" propeller size

- Fits most 20x20mm electronics stacks

- Natively fits Runcam Split Mini or other small form factor split FPV cameras

- 11 series to 14 series motors ideal (RX1107 or RX1404)

- Can carry GoPro Session with RX1404 motor and RX3044TX propellers (244g AUW)

- The last drone you will ever need

- Kit comes with mirrored 4mm carbon fibre arms, hardware and modifiable TPU canopy/backpack.