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Basic Drone Safety

General Drone Safety Tips

  • Follow community-based safety guidelines, as developed by organizations such as the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).

  • Fly no higher than 400 feet and remain below any surrounding obstacles when possible.

  • Keep your Atom in eyesight at all times, and use an observer to assist if needed.

  • Remain well clear of and do not interfere with manned aircraft operations, and you must see and avoid other aircraft and obstacles at all times.

  • Do not intentionally fly over unprotected persons or moving vehicles, and remain at least 25 feet away from individuals and vulnerable property.

  • Contact the airport and control tower before flying within five miles of an airport or heliport.

  • Do not fly in adverse weather conditions such as in high winds or reduced visibility.

  • Do not fly under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

  • Ensure the operating environment is safe and that the operator is competent and proficient in the operation of the Atom.

  • Do not fly near or over sensitive infrastructure or property such as power stations, water treatment facilities, correctional facilities, heavily traveled roadways, government facilities, etc.

  • Check and follow all local laws and ordinances before flying over private property.

General personal safety and equipment tips

  • ALWAYS remove propellers when performing routine maintenance on Atom

  • Unplug battery to power down Atom when not flying

  • Always supervise charging of lithium polymer batteries, and preferably charge the batteries in a safe place in case of any potential problems due to battery damage.