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RC Groups - Atom Thread - RX122 'Atom'  - With over 300,000 views the Atom thread gives you tonnes of information about the Atom. From commonly asked questions, to solutions to build questions. If you can't find the answer in there, you can't find it anywhere... except maybe emailing us at [email protected]

RC Groups - Raiju - RX155 'Raiju' - The Raiju was our first micro drone creation. It was the test bed for our RX1104 motors and RX3020 propellers. Just like the Atom thread, if you want all information Raiju. Visit the RXGroups thread. Or email us at [email protected] if you have further questions.

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RotorX Racers ClubRotorX Racers Club. Unofficial RotorX page, but a great place to interact with other RotorX Pilots and also to post your flight videos and questions.

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